First Wave

The swells are growing and the tides are rising....the K&L Kentucky Bourbon onslaught is about to consume everything in its path. We're gearing up to take possession of the many, many barrels we picked out last fall while traveling to Louisville and Lexington. The first wave of this storm is now upon us. Above, you'll see us tasting Henry McKenna whiskey right from the cask at the Heaven Hill Bardstown facility. Below, you'll see the whiskey from that cask sitting inside of a bottle.

The first two McKenna barrels are ready to go -- numbers 1114 and 1115. When you're talking about ten year old, single barrel, 100 proof Bourbon from Heaven Hill, it's really tough to go wrong. They're almost identical in flavor having been aged in the same part of the warehouse together. Both have a creaminess and a potent herbaceousness from the rye content. Both finish with lovely baking spices and hints of charred oak. The #1114 has just a bit more pepper on the back end with another dash of rye for good measure. The #1115 is perhaps just a bit rounder on the palate with a creamer, tropical note before the spice comes back big on the finish.

As fewer and fewer whiskey labels continue to provide specifics about maturity and provenence, you can still count on Henry McKenna for quality, value, and transparency. You know it's from a single barrel, you know it's from Heaven Hill, and you know it's ten years old. And since it was selected by us here at K&L, you know it's good, too!

In stock now:

Henry McKenna K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #1114 Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $26.99

Henry McKenna K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #1115 Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $26.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll