The Choppers Return!!

The Ardbeg choppers return to K&L next Wednesday, which means I get to break out one of my all time favorite photos from the archive (hint: the one above).

It won't just be choppers at the Redwood City store next week, however. It will be a full-out Ardbeg tasting with INSANE Ardbeg pricing for in-store customers only. I can't post the prices online because it will likely cause an inter-state incident, but you might want to come by the store and hang out next Wednesday if you feel like picking up a bottle of Ardbeg (and tasting some Ardbeg while you're at it).

And don't forget to pose for a photo with the new choppers! You might get lucky and capture a gem like I did with my pal Lester.

Hey Big L -- call me Ducket!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll