What Isn't The Case (with italics)

Waking up this morning with a bit of a crick in my neck has me a little feisty. I've been thinking about how easy it is to spread misinformation -- not intentionally, but rather just out of sheer naiveté. Here are some things that are not the case:

- The term "hipster" does not refer to someone well-dressed. Hipsters are young people who follow the latest trends. If you wear a pork pie hat or a timeless suit, you are not necessarily a hipster. You might simply be stylish. Yet, today the term is used by many to describe anyone who makes an effort to do anything modern with gusto. It's used most often by people who have no idea what it means.

- No one knows for sure what happens at any distillery except for a select few who actually work there. You've been on the tour? Good for you. You still don't know anything for sure about what happens at that distillery when you're not there -- especially when you're not there. Most of the misinformation we have about brands comes from people who argue against the company line, claiming they know what's really going on. If you want to be nit-picky, then you might as well dismiss all information rather than provide your own theory. Everything about booze is speculatory and based on hearsay -- except for the statements "Bourbon is brown" and "Vodka is clear." Everything we know is based on what each brand tells us.

- Specs are merely specs -- they do not tell you anything for sure about quality. By knowing the age of the distillate, the barrel type, proof, type of grain, name of the distiller, and the source of origin, we know more about what we're drinking -- which is what makes drinking fun. What we do not discern from that information is how good the spirit is. Yet, what we do create from those specs is a price tag! Three times this week I've been told by a foreigner in the booze industry that Americans care more about specs than quality. This is the reputation we have abroad.

- Hockey is an exciting sport, but there is no question that it's better enjoyed in person. After almost two decades of being a fan, I finally went to my first Sharks game on Thursday night -- game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs against Los Angeles -- and I was reborn. There are moments when I'd rather be watching football or baseball on television. This will never be the case for a hockey game.

- If you think that getting mad at someone is going to result in you getting your way, think again. It's only going to make someone go out of their way to see that you don't get your way.

- The K&L Spirits Journal is not a journalistic news source. It has never been, never claimed to be, nor will it ever be. This is mainly because there is no such thing as booze journalism as far as absolute truth is concerned. There is only booze romanticism or booze antagonism. The president can be held accountable for lying to the general public, but booze companies cannot be, nor should they be. Unlike publicly elected officials, it's not their job to tell you the truth. It's their job to sell you something. As consumers, it's our job to decide whether or not to give them our money.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll