New Lost Spirits Polynesian Rum

It's here! I know a number of you were waiting patiently, so I thought I'd get it on to the blog and into our stock as fast as I could!

Lost Spirits Distillery Polynesian Style Rum $39.99 - Bryan Davis presents us with a second rum from his Lost Spirits distillery -- a Polynesian-inspired rum that brings the funk and rummy goodness without the sweetness or the richness we experienced in his navy strength. Once again, Bryan states that their are no additives involved with the making of the rum, just natural cask color and pure spirit. The palate is much more fiery and, at 66%, the earthiness of the molasses takes center stage. It reminds me of the Mount Gilboa pot still rum, albeit a drier version of it. The possibilities for mixing are endless. I can imagine Mai Tais, Daiquris, punches, just about anything with rum in it! It's a fantastic contrast to the Navy Style expression and another notch in Bryan's ever-expanding belt.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll