A Few Reads

Spring weather is gracing us with its presence here in Northern California. The temperatures are up, the night air is electric, and people are beginning to ask for refreshing cocktails like a Daiquiri or Margarita. There's just one problem: we can't get any limes. Scratch that. I mean we can't get any limes that don't require one to squeeze profusely just to secure a few precious drops of bitter, tart, and overly-acidic liquid.

What's going on? Read this here. It's going to be a long summer if I have to use lemons for lime-based drinks. I had dinner tonight at my local Mexican hangout -- El Sinaloense -- and they were definitely feeling the pinch. What a bummer.

For those of you lamenting the decline of some of your favorite whisk(e)y brands, I suggest you read Steve Hyden's piece about the Pixies -- one of best rock bands of all time that just put out their first album since 1991. Steve is one of many people (myself included) who is scratching his head about the quality of the music. However, he correctly points out that our expectations are to blame, not the Pixies themselves. There are a lot of whisk(e)y similarities.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll