One More Time

Yes, you are correct -- we absolutely do not ever make a batch of Faultline Gin more than once. So why are there suddenly more bottles of Batch 3 in stock at K&L? Because apparently St. George ran out of labels while bottling it last year and left the remainder of the gin sitting in a tank. A little over a month ago, Dave Smith called me and said, "Hey, so do you guys want the rest of that gin, or what?"

"The rest of what gin?" I asked, puzzled.

"The rest of Batch 3."

"There's more?"

"Yeah. You didn't know we ran out of labels and had to stop bottling?"

You can imagine where the conversation went from there. So there's about 300+ more bottles of delicious Faultline Gin Batch 3 in stock as of now -- just in time for this lovely warm weather.

Faultline Gin Batch #3 $34.99 -- How does one follow up two of the most popular batches of gin ever sold in the history of K&L? It's been tough coming up with that act. Even my own mother was trying to exert her parental influence, hoping to convince Dave Smith and me to do a second batch of Batch #2 -- our lovely smoked citrus peel delight. We held fast, however, determined to make each batch of Faultline a one-time-only edition in the name of soldiering forward towards new flavors and new ideas. We originally began the blueprint of Batch #3 with melon in mind. We wanted to make a softer, rounder, fruitier style of gin, but two things happened that prevented this approach: our melon distillates left a lot to be desired and Tanqueray resurrected their similarly-styled Malacca gin. Dave and I went back to the drawing board. Both of us have been trying to create a grapefruit aperitif for the past year so we had a well of grapefruit spirit to take from. Dave had also finished a batch of clove-macerated spirit that might pair quite well with the citrus. A few gin-soaked nights later we had the right balance - lot's of grapefruit, highlighted with the bright, herbaceous note of fresh clove and accented with pepper and juniper. It's still gin and tonic season in the Bay Area, so this should take us through October. Try mixing a Greyhound or Corpse Reviver #2 as well. You'll be pleased.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll