More Poly Rum Info

Bryan Davis sent me an email last week with more information about his new Polynesian rum. Check it out:

So to tell you about the poly rum... 

When we designed the Navy rum, the internal goal was to create the hypothetical rum in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  When we designed the "Polynesian Rum"  the idea was to imagine what tiki rum would taste like if tiki were an actual place. 

Interestingly, it is the same raw material list as the Navy Style Rum.  The real difference is the engineering variables.  On the Polynesian Rum the esters are primarily short chained as opposed to long chained in the Navy Rum.  Short chained esters are light and fruity where as long chained are heavy, sweet, and deep.  

Here we used the dunder techniques to make a lot of short chained pineapple/tropical flavors while limiting the Benzaldehyde and long chained esters. In short our control over the aging process allowed us to halt the reactions at a specific point to make a polar opposite personality in the rum. 

If you want I can rewrite the technical specs for this one... 

A couple of footnotes: 

1.  This rum benefits massively from ice...  We designed it for cocktails and if you add an ice cube and let it dilute a bit you can see what it does in a cocktail.  It's quite a transformation.  

2.  The Navy rum picked up both gold - best in class - dark rum and gold for overproof rum from the Rum XP panel at the Miami Rum Renaissance in Miami.  It was a 20 person international panel - tasted blind. We didn't enter the Polynesian... At the time we didn't think we would be selling it yet.      

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll