Under the Volcano: Mexico Preview

On Tuesday night I will board the red-eye from SFO to Mexico City where I will attempt to find the famed French legionnaire Nic Palazzi somewhere inside of Benito Juárez aeropuerto. I'm guessing we'll eat something greasy and delicious while we wait for Jake Lustig to finish his meeting and join us for an 11:15 AM flight to Oaxaca. Running on a mere few hours of sleep, I'm assuming the majestic views of the Sierra Juárez will rejuvenate us and give us the energy we need to slug through two solid days of mezcal before we fly back to D.F. and connect with our flight to Guadalajara.

Friday and Saturday will be spent at the famed ArteNOM distilleries: Rancho El Olvido in Jesús-Maria, Feliciano Vivancos in Arandas, and Enrique Fonseca's Tequileña in the town of Tequila. I'll be live blogging, of course, whenever possible and snapping photos the entire time. Look for a colorful assault on your senses next week. I'm hoping to capture the romanticism from some of the most honest and traditional distillers left on this planet.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll