July Heatwave

I know you're all getting restless. After two weeks of podcasts, mail bag questions, and long, ridiculous ponderings about the nature of man's ego, there's still no new K&L booze! What the fuck, dude?

To all of you getting itchy for something new, I say: get your engines ready.

We needed to let you all cool out for a few weeks because July is going to get hot and heavy. We can't have everyone sprinting through the warm months of June, only to be burnt out by the time we need you in peak physical condition! Take the next twelve days to empty out what you have, finish the last drops of your coveted favorites, and make some space in the bar. It's about to get nuts.

If the winds are in our favor, the government customs agents on our side, and the heavens working with us, we might see as many as 90 (yes, I said N-I-N-E-T-Y) new K&L Exclusive products hit before the end of August (if you include the pre-arrival whiskies we've already released). It's going to be the biggest summer ever at K&L for brown booze (which might be poor planning on our part because people drink way more brown booze in the winterbut is drinking really seasonal anymore?).

Here's a snapshot at what's docking in Oakland in the near future:

June 30th: 1986 Pouchegu Armagnac (click here to revisit our time at this estate with Pierre Laporte); Pellehaut L'Age de Glace (the most popular brandy in K&L history), and a few other knick-knacks.

July 9th: a smattering of new Baraillon Armagnac releases (some single casks, too); new selections from Domaine d'Ognoas; the debut of Claude Thorin's Cognac expressions (remember them?); the debut of the reopened Chateau de Laballe (with some hot deals buried in there).

July 31st: more Armagnac from Pellehaut; the debut of the high-proof Forgeron Cognacs; the debut of the jaw-dropping Ladeveze Armagnac (maybe the best we found this year).

And don't forget that at some point in there we'll be receiving a secret shipment from Burgundyand it ain't wine.

That's just a sneak peak. There's a lot more coming in-between the cracks, including a few single malts we "forgot" to tell you about.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll