Summer Is Here

The weather on the SF Peninsula is hot. We've got the back door open and the front door as well to bring in the cross breeze. There's take-out pizza on the coffee table, reality TV on the tube, and a huge glass of Blason Box-o-white in my hand. It's gotten to the point where I feel summer can't begin until our annual Blason shipment arrives—the Italian producer that has become one of our most popular K&L exclusives over the past few years. Along with the various selections we import, we actually commission a pinot grigio/pinot bianco blend in a 3L box that never goes bad and stays fresh as a daisy in a collapsible bag. When I say "commission," I mean we make it for ourselves, not for customers—I usually drink about 10 boxes each summer. We can't drink it all ourselves, however, so we have to sell a bit of it to get through all of the inventory; but we drink 70% of the shipment within K&L.

If you want to join in on the summer party, you can snag yours by clicking here; plus you can read the review I wrote six years ago (have I worked at K&L that long?).

I'm loving Monday Night Raw right now. Summer can begin. I'll leave you with my hometown of Modesto's finest export: Grandaddy performing their classic "Summer Here Kids." Memories...

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll