Dramarama Deal #3

Whoohoo! Lots of drama last week! A robust four-figure quantity of Ardbeg gone in just a few hours!

How are we going to top that?

We can't. But we can still have more fun; especially since it's now officially June and the summer months mean rum cocktails.

So how about a HUGE reduction on 10 Cane Rum, which is now being made on Barbados?

10 Cane Barbados Rum (elsewhere $30) NOW $13.99 - 10 Cane Rum is now being produced in Barbados, but the quality is still outstanding -- especially at this hot new price! Despite its light golden color and mellow flavor, this is a rum for mixing. Daiquiris, Mai Tais, you name it -- even basic Cuba Libres with Coke! At this price you can afford to experiment and you're not even sacrificing quality. The hint of vanilla makes it a rocks-sippable delight, but the pure cane flavor lets you know this isn't the cheap stuff.

Time to mix! I'm getting a six pack of 10 Cane and a case of Fever Tree Ginger Beer after work. Has anyone else had the FT Ginger Beer? It's like fucking crack! I can't stop drinking it!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll