Malacca Part II

You've gotta give it up to Diageo's new label designer—whoever is creating these retro-tastic bottles for the spirits giant is hitting it out of the park. Even if the new Tanqueray Old Tom—the follow-up to last year's mega-successful Malacca rebirth—tasted like total garbage, I still might buy it just for the cool-looking package. How does the new Old Tom taste, though? Like Tanqueray with a little bit of sweetness. Nothing crazy; just another solid release that should please fans of the genre (as long as you like sweet gin).

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin 1L $31.99 - Diageo is back with a new Tanqueray meant to replace the limited edition Malacca re-release from a year ago. This new Old Tom expression adds just a bit of residual sugar to the mix, creating a rounder, more supple palate; but without losing any of the herbaceous character Tanqueray is known for. With its old school packaging and liter-sized format, we expect the Old Tom to be just as big of a hit with cocktail fans. Try it in a Gimlet, Tom Collins, Martinez, or a Gin Fizz, and add it to a Negroni for extra weight. Bonus points for the liter-sized bottle, as well.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll