Young Americans

A few new things that just showed up for us that continue to expand our American whiskey selections:

Sonoma Distillers (formerly 1512 Barbershop) have moved their distribution arm over to my friend Val, so I'm jumping in to support their new relationship. The whiskies are solid for what they are and are more reasonably priced than previously. Plus, their packaging is great (as always).

Sonoma Distillers California Rye Whiskey $52.99 - Distinct, fresh rye bread flavor with just enough new oak to balance out the heat. It's a bold, pure grain flavor with hints of pencil lead and char from the barrique aging.

Sonoma Distillers 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey $52.99 - Matured in refill American oak, these is a wheat-distilled whiskey that offers mellow, creamier flavors of vanilla. Fun stuff.

The guys behind Ransom Old Tom Gin also have a new Oregon Bourbon they've distilled from a standard corn, rye, and barley mash. It's also quite intriguing and not at all new-makey or quarter-casky.

Henry of Yore Straight Bourbon $46.99 - It tastes like young Kentucky Bourbon, which is a sign that they're doing good things up North. Like a bold, young Heaven Hill whiskey.

And, no you're not seeing things: Jack Daniel's is back at a NorCal K&L for the first time in over ten years (no, we don't carry the basic Jack, so don't freak out on me now). Their new "rested" rye is finally available to retailers after a brief stint as "bars and restaurants only".

Jack Daniels Rested Rye Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey $49.99 - It's sweet, just like Jack should be, but it's also clearly a rye whiskey. It's a sweeter rye whiskey, but I could definitely see putting down a few glasses of this.

Of course, after all the booze that David OG and I put down while partying in SF on Monday night, I'm in dire need of a night off.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll