Photo of the Day: Beaujolais

One of the great parts about visiting Michel Couvreur in Burgundy this past Spring was that we got to go to Beaujolais and visit some of Charles Neal's wine producers. Rather than pinot noir, the Beaujolais wines are made from gamay—a juicy red varietal that makes utterly-drinkable expressions. We got to walk through the vineyards of Domaine de Colette just before sundown and look out into the rolling hills. Then we sat down, ate some Beef Bourguignon, and drank about ten bottles of Beaujolais to our heads!

I really, really want to go back next year. Beaujolais is like the Armagnac of French red wines: quality products, low prices, rustic personality. Good stuff (and that Couvreur K&L whisky should be landing any day now!).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll