Vintage Cognac w/Age Statement

While I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our ultra-mature Armagnacs from Baraillon, Laballe, Pellehaut, and Pouchegu, I have to say that I'm currently most excited about this little guy: a straight 2002 vintage, 12 year old (stated clearly on the label), no-color-added Grand Champagne Cognac from Claude Thorin. It's not the most complex, or awe-inspiring brandy; nor is it rich, decadent, or layered. It's just a complete break in tradition from what we normally get from the Charente. There's no VS, VSOP, XO, Napoleon, Hors d'Age, or any other non-descript wording on the label. It's just 2002 vintage, 12 years old.

And the flavors are so light and haunting. It's pure fruit, but it's not sweet or juicy. It's lithe, snappy, fresh, and clean.

I'm totally smitten. Get ready for more Cognac like this from K&L this Fall.

2002 Claude Thorin 12 Year Old K&L Exclusive Vintage Cognac $59.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll