Things To Think About

-It's hot. Today was slow. The blog server wasn't working all morning. I've now been watching Food Network programming for three straight hours. Here's what's on my mind:

- If dissatisfied customers (of any business, not necessarily K&L) were willing to give their feedback to a manager or owner face-to-face, rather than anonymously take to the internet later, would they go away so angry? Our manager bends over backwards to help our customers, as do I, so I can't imagine anyone leaving unhappy after talking to one of us and working out the issue. If the internet age is making us more afraid to interact with one another in person, then we're all in trouble.

- Is it bad that I can drink an entire bottle of red wine and not feel a thing?

- What is it that you hope to discover when you search internet sites about booze each day? News? Gossip? Validation?

- If any one wants to get me a Christmas present, this would be a good start:

- If there were 10, 12, 15, and 20 year old grappas, would the average whiskey fan care, or even be remotely intriged?

- Walking before and after work can burn more calories than running if you keep at it every day. I've lost a few pounds by accident.

- If I had only $20 to spend on any liquor bottle in the store it would still be Four Roses Yellow Label. If I had only $30, I'd choose the Rhum Clement Barrel Select. That rum is seriously amazing. $40-ish, I'd choose one of our Dickel barrels. Those casks are so interesting, rich, and intriguing beyond what most American whiskies offer right now. For $50, maybe the Ognoas XO Armagnac? $60 is an easy choice: the 2002 Thorin Vintage Cognac. $70? I'd step it up and do the Signatory Glenlivet 16 for $80. $100 no question: I'm a big fan of the Rhetoric 20 Year Bourbon. Say all you want about provenance, perceived scarcity, or the parent company: it's tough to compete with that juice. Michter's 20 is $450 a bottle and the two I just recently acquired sold off the internet not even five minutes after I received them in.

That's it for now. Big Friday tomorrow. Brandyfest needs planning. Caol Ila 30/Glenlivet 32 email going out. Say bye-bye.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll