Sticker Shock

It's really getting crazy behind the scenes right now. I'm just starting to get the numbers for all of the highly-anticipated Fall arrivals—those hard-to-get, must-have, limited edition bottles that we get twenty emails about every single day all year long, even though they're only available at K&L one day out of the year. I've done everything I can do over the past few years—with blog posts and emails and customer interactionsto get everyone up to speed for what's about to happen, but I'm still afraid that it's not going to be enough. I don't think most hard-core consumers who enjoyed the salad days of the mid-2000s are ready for this new market.

For example, the new cask of Willett 10 year that we picked out two years ago and finally will see this week will run you $120. Believe me, that's not us doubling the pricethat's just what Willett 10 year old Bourbon costs in 2014. And the Diageo limited edition releases? I hope you're ready to pay at least $4000 for Port Ellen (if we're even lucky enough to get one single bottle). Talisker 30? Close to $1000. 

And people are going to pay it, trust me. We'll have people begging us just to let them pay that much. It's never been crazier than it is right at this moment. I'm getting emails 24/7 from collectors all over the world who are hoping that K&L can get them the bottles they desire (and I'm sure we're just one of many stores these folks are corresponding with). The demand is simply insane.

But don't worry. Seeing that the distilleries started increasing their production around 2009, we'll only have to wait until 2024 before we start seeing 15 year old Bourbons again at more reasonable prices. That's just around the corner!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll