More Booze From the Old Preiss Warehouse

Seriously—the old Preiss Imports warehouse is the gift that just keeps on giving. You remember Henry Preiss, right? The guy who helped make Springbank a household name, and worked with a number of now-defunct products like Deret Cognac (which we also discovered a backstock of just a few months back). Well it appears that Springbank bottled a bunch of their Cadenhead's Green Label Caribbean Rum for Preiss years ago and it had just been sitting around untouched since the merger with Anchor Steam (to become Anchor Spirits, along with Berry Bros & Rudd). 

Guess who just pulled that hidden booty out of the old treasure chest and into his retail warehouse? That's right! Lil' Davy D.

There's about two hundred bottles of this incredible 100 proof rum left. It's big, intense, funky, not-at-all sweet, totally unmanipulated, Jamaican-style rum that is easily the coolest thing on the shelf at this very moment. I bought a six pack to squirrel away because I plan to be mixing with this five years from now. It's a cherry batch of rum from Springbank's incredible stocks and it's not something I want to live without at this point.

A lost relic from the old days of booze importation. Get it while you can.

Cadenhead's Classic Green Label Rum $39.99 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll