News and Notes

Here's what's going on in the Spirits Department this week.

- New peated Benriach cask is here. It's awesome. Like single barrel, cask strength Talisker 18. You can check out the post from Tuesday for more notes. 

- New K&L Exclusive vatting from Michel Couvreur will be here by the end of the month. It's a very sherried whisky with Islay whisky added in for extra peat. This is the bottler in Burgundy with the gigantic cellar built into the side of a mountain. Click here if you didn't catch that post from this past Spring. We're really pumped about this.

- Glenfarclas K&L Exclusive whiskies should also be here by October. Considering the 1983 Family Cask is selling for $350, that 1990 at $150 on pre-arrival looks like an even better deal. I'm guessing that's why a bunch of orders were put into the queue yesterday.

- Signatory Part II hits at the end of October and there are nine new whiskies on that container. Get ready to get your mind blown. Now that Highland Park 25 is $500 and Macallan 30 Fine Oak $2500, I think you'll all be pretty excited to see what we'll be offering and for how much. There's some sherry-finished Mortlach, a crazy 25 year old Blair Athol, and some other gems in that batch.

- Kilchoman's new 2014 edition of Machir Bay is here and, if you pick up in the store, it comes with two free Glencairn glasses like it did last year. Hot deal, good whisky. More saline and briney than it was last time around.

- David OG snagged a few casks of Old Scout Rye (MGP stuff) from Smooth Ambler that should be here shortly. The samples he sent me were fantastic.

- The rest of our Wild Turkey barrels will be here before the month is over. Considering how well that last batch of Russell's Reserve went over (especially barrel #19) I'm expecting these to be a big hit.

- Our one single barrel of 14 year old Dickel will be here by October, if not sooner. I'm surprised we still have any of the 9 year old casks left because there's nothing that good at that price on the American market right now. I think Dickel hasn't convinced enough people yet about their new single cask program, but all it should take is one sip. These destroy anything we've bottled from Buffalo Trace or Heaven Hill over the last few years (they do cost twice as much though).

- No Supernova until Friday at the very earliest, so you can cool your jets for now.

- It's always interesting to see how many moles are on our insider whiskey email list. And how they whine like the little whiney bitches they are when they see something they don't like, thus giving themselves away as spies. I would be embarrassed to be on another retailer's list, but that's just me. Focus on yourself, boys. There's a reason we're smoking you right now (hint: it's because we don't care about what you're doing).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll