Three's a Charm: Another Distiller Joins K&L

Like "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan joining Hall & Nash at WCW's Bash at the Beach '96 (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then watch this clip—it's the most important moment in modern wrestling history), we're adding a third member to our own New World Order here at K&L. Joining Genius Distillers and Cut Spike Distillery in the K&L distribution stable is Beehive Distilling from Salt Lake City, Utah—another rebel causing havoc in unwelcome territory. Like its two predecessors, Beehive has seen the value in simply choosing one outstanding retail outlet in California over multiple middlemen in states across the country to handle its business. 

Hire a distributor, pay their commission fee, pay their sales reps, and pay their marketing fee? It makes sense if you're a big company looking to conquer the spirits world, but not so much when you're a little guy looking to maximize your value. That's why we're here: to help bridge the gap between you and your consumers with as little interference as possible! NWO 4 LIFE. Check out our latest member:

Beehive Distilling Jack Rabbit Utah Gin $29.99 - I'm always amazed what can be accomplished with grain neutral spirit and just a few simple botanicals. In the case of Beehive's Jack Rabbit Gin, the addition of sage and rose petals to the standard juniper recipe creates an absolutely beautiful balance of spicy, savory, and floral. Located in Salt Lake City (not exactly hard liquor country), Erik Ostling and his team at Beehive Distilling have set up shop in one of the least-friendly places in America for alcohol production, yet have managed to thrive in spite of their challenges. The Jack Rabbit Gin stands out immediately with its creaminess and fullness of texture. None of the botanicals jump out (unlike a Jack Rabbit), but rather linger long in a soft wave of flavor that meanders from classic London Dry to a clean and elegant finish. The quality of the base spirit is to be commended, but the ease of the gin is what ultimately grabs you. This isn't like anything else in your liquor cabinet, but it isn't some strange new variation of gin either. The Jack Rabbit makes a stunning Martini, just straight stirred with ice, but mixes wonderfully into just about every drink I've tried so far. K&L is so far the only retailer on the west coast to carry Beehive, as Erik reached out to us directly. It won't be long, however, until other merchants catch on to what's happening out there on the prairie. Jumpin' jack rabbits! That's some good gin. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll