Supernova Sneak Peak

I got my little sample pack of Ardbeg's new 2014 Supernova release yesterday—complete with foam space shuttle. At 55%, I'm utterly taken aback by how gentle the whisky comes across on the palate. There's so much peat that everything just kinda evens out, then turns into a lovely butterscotch candy on the finish. You would think it was 47%—maybe 48%, but definitely not over 100 proof. It's an incredibly balanced whisky considering that its purpose is to blast you with smoke and peat.

As the nation's top Ardbeg account we will be getting plenty of Supernova, but there will be a one bottle limit upon launch—no pun intended—so if you're looking to stock up you'll have to get more elsewhere. Watch for the notice around September 15th.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll