Singani 63 Preview

Along with a few beers and a carrot cupcake from Whole Foods, I killed this bottle of Singani 63 brandy faster than any 750ml of booze is my own personal history. I dumped it into drinks, sipped it straight on the rocks, whipped up some Sangria, and added various types of sparkling liquids while the NFL dominated my living room this weekend. No matter how I drank the Singani 63 it tasted delicious. This new Bolivian muscat brandy isn't going to blow your mind with some bold new flavor, but it is going to empty itself from your liquor cabinet with alarming speed. The versatility of it is simply off the charts, as the combination of fruity and floral lends itself beautifully towards citrus, sweet, and savory. Whether you're working with lime juice, sweet vermouth, or old standards like Bloody Mary mix and tonic water, the Singani 63 is your rum/vodka/gin/pisco, all-in-one combination.

I'll have a lot more to tell you tomorrow, however. And I'll have a very special interview to go along with it. Until then.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll