Dark Entries/Origins (Malt Goes Goth)

Caressing bent up to the booze again
Washbacks and mills invading all those stills
In a hovel of a bar I will scream not perry
Oh please, Miss Mary, just a bit of sherry

Went tasting through this Isle's peated flight
In fear of disguising my whisky seething
Pressure to drink the best, intangible of price
Trying so hard to find what was right

I came upon your store it stuck into my zeal
We lept into the deal, discarding all my vice
You took delight in taking down my shielded pride
And then exposed me to a darker side
Puckering up and down those flavorings of sin
Not cheap to ride, but still worth a try

If only for the old times, cold times
Don't go wasting this pretentious buzz

Dark Origins (sing it Peter Murphy!)

Highland Park "Dark Origins" Single Malt Whisky $79.99Once very limited, now more readily available! A darker, heavier, richer Highland Park that uses twice as many first-fill sherry butts as the standard 12 year. It's dark, sinister, and brooding, just like the figure shrouding in black robes on the front of the bottle. It's what I imagine David J drinking when he drinks Scotch during a magick ceremony (and I've heard he likes single malt).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll