High-End Value

I remember back in my days as a budding wine enthusiast when I would read trade magazines, flip to the back where the reviews were, and look at what they considered to be the best deals of the month. What always blew my mind at that time was how these publications often considered $80 bottles of Napa cabernet and $120 bottles of Bordeaux to be incredible values, truly bargains of the current market, when I could barely afford to spend $15 on a special bottle for Friday night. "This magazine is useless!" I would say to myself in frustration, wondering how anything that expensive could be considered a steal. Ten years later, as I find myself writing about a $299 "value"-priced single malt, I'm laughing at the irony. 

Because when you look at where the Highland Park 25 year old is priced today (due to rising Edrington prices), it's well over $500 (if you look online you'll see it for $400-$450 but that's because these stores are still sitting on old inventory). Yet, here we have a truly incredible cask of 26 year old Highland Park, in sherry no less, at full proof 55.2% ABV, for $299. That's a hot deal, in my opinion. Of course, old me would say otherwise, but I guess this is what happens as you get older.

Highland Park 26 Year Old Cadenhead's Small Batch Cask Strength Collection Single Malt $299.99- This series from Cadenhead is becoming legendary. Of course the prices for old HP are through the roof, but this bests sherried malts at five times the price and will not disappoint any lover of the special Orkney distillery.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll