Talkin' Shit

There's something very satisfying about jealous haters gettin' embarrassed on national television. I went to fourteen Warriors games last season, watched one of the most amazing basketball teams ever play night after night, cheered them all the way through the playoffs, and finally let out a huge sigh of relief when their hard work and dedication netted them the championship ring they so richly deserved. They were so much fun to watch all year long and they earned every bit of that NBA title. Then came all the bullshit. They were lucky. They didn't play any good teams. Blah bloo blee, blah bloo blah. So what have the Warriors done in response? They've come out and put down all thirteen opponents in their path, including a comeback last night that is both one of the most incredible performances I've ever watched, and one of the most humiliating defeats for the Clippers who talked trash during the off-season, then blew a 23 point lead at home on TNT. 

Nothing motivates people to work harder more than shit talking. You say I can't do something, I'm going to work harder to prove otherwise. Because, while sometimes fun and full of drama, the angry banter is really irrelevant. What matters are the results. When you're good at what you do the work speaks for itself. There's no need to comment beyond that. Last night's win was all they needed to say.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll