Faultline Now Available Online

A gigantic thank you to everyone who came out last night! The Faultline release was the most successful in-store promo we’ve ever run as a company with more than 300+ bottles sold, and hundreds of combined visitors coming out to all three locations. St. George mastermind and distiller Dave Smith held down the bar in SF and kept the crowds supplied with fresh booze, while taking the time to sign bottles.

Jaime Hernandez held down the fort in the Los Angeles store, signing records and pleasing superfans of the genre. We were thrilled to have him, and comic collectors in Hollywood were thrilled to meet him in person. What I’m most happy about is how well the spirits were received. Nothing but happy faces among the crowd in SF, so that made me very happy as well. Luckily for those of you who couldn’t make it for the opening night festivities, we still have some bottles left to sell! So we’re going to now open it up to those of you who don’t live locally.

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Special Edition" Gin $39.99Indian spices meet lemon and raspberry in this soft and supple gin that combines 19 different botanicals into the softest gin yet in the label’s short history. This was a HUGE hit last night.

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Special Edition" Bourbon $64.99The leftover Kentucky stocks from St. George’s former B&E project, this will be the last Bourbon the distillery ever releases (unless they start distilling their own). Dave told the crowd last night, “Never say never, but in this case—never again.” We sold a LOT of Bourbon last night.

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Special Edition" Absinthe $59.99You might be taking a pass on this, but let me tell you straight up—we sold more absinthe last night than either of the other two spirits. Why? Because it’s the best tasting of the three. This is the only absinthe St. George has ever released outside of their initial formula, which itself was the first to market when the ban was lifted. This is an improvement on that formula, plain and simple (but don’t tell Dave that). It’s absolutely amazing.

AND…we still have a few records left in each of the stores, so if you want to swing by and grab a bottle and a record, go for it! We’ll also allow will call orders to get records so long as we have them in stock. WE WILL NOT BE SHIPPING THE RECORDS, but if you order a bottle and come to pick it up before we run out of records, we’ll happily give you one should we still have any in stock.

There’s plenty of gin, but the absinthe and bourbon will sell fast.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll