Le Repas à la Camut

I was telling Oscar, one of the guys I'm here with shooting this documentary series, that this was going to be a very special night. He was going to have a down-to-earth, no frills, old school French dinner with one of the most incredible producers of any type of alcohol anywhere on the face of this earth. Oscar is about ten years younger than me, does CGI for a living, just finished a huge gig working on the new Star Wars film (he's already seen it about fifteen times), and has never before had Calvados. He's here on the job, rather than as a spirits fan, so this is all new to him. I told him he was going to be spoiled from this point forward. He was starting at the very tip-top of the ladder.

Break out the cheese.

Get the fire ready. It's about to have a huge slab of meat placed over it.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll