Three More Wild Turkey Barrels

We're finally to the end of our incredible Wild Turkey run. After selecting nine specific casks with Eddie and Jimmy Russell back in 2013, the final few barrels have come home to roost. Check out the descriptions below (including one barrel that was almost empty).

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #2043 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99- We're back with more hand-picked K&L barrels, directly from Wild Turkey's Lawrenceburg warehouse where our spirits team visited and tasted with legendary distiller Jimmy Russell. Barrel 2403 is a gentle whisper of a whiskey compared to many of the monsters we've secured over the years. One would never think 55% upon tasting this delicate Bourbon. The aromas are classic burnt sugar and toasted wood and those notes translate into a creamy and supple mouthfeel on the initial entry. The palate then turns into herbaceous notes of pepper and dried underbrush before finishing with leaner flavors of pencil lead and savory spices. Those who just want a bottle they can pour and enjoy without the addition of water or ice will love this whiskey. It's lovely sipper that drinks beautifully right from the get go.

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #2087 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99- Those looking for the bright spice and youthful vigor of the Russell's Reserve will want to go with barrel #2087. A veritable explosion of pepper, baking spices, dried herbs, and savory goodness takes off right from the first sip. While not exhibiting the power of something like Four Roses cask strength or George Stagg, the higher than normal alcohol level definitely helps bring the spices to the forefront and accent them on the palate. Bright cinnamon and clove carry through for at least five minutes on the finish. A lovely whiskey.

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #554 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99 -Barrel #554 was already half-empty when we tasted it having evaporated at an incredible speed even for Kentucky standards. That phenomenon usually translates into a more concentrated core of oak flavor, which the nose initially suggests as well. Big vanilla and intense wood are apparent right from the initial whiff. The palate is rich and spicy, but not nearly as sweet as the nose seems to tease. The flavors are bold and big, but always balanced by the alcohol and the herbaceousness also enacted by the oak. The finish is extremely woody and this is where the extra concentration really leaves its mark. Dried leaves, forest floor, and sage all linger for minutes after the whiskey has been consumed.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll