Sharing is Caring

What a lovely weekend here in Northern California! I'm resting in Modesto, sitting in the backyard with my parents, drinking Bloody Mary cocktails with the new St. George chile vodka. It's such a deliciously potent spirit. Seeing that I had time for a brief respite, I thought I'd bring some treats from the Bay over to the Central Valley.

It was about time to use the black truffles I'd smuggled back in from Paris as well, so my parents and I whipped up a lovely pasta dish. Sharing is caring, and my parents have little to no experience with truffles, so it was quite an experience. When talking about their most-prized bottles of whisky, a lot of customers tell me,  "I don't waste the good stuff on my guests. I save the good stuff for me," because they don't want to share sacred bottles of booze with people who won't appreciate them. I get that, but I think I'm the exact opposite type of person. I'd rather eat truffles with people who have never had them before, just like I'd rather drink Port Ellen with someone who had no idea what it was. All the pretense goes right out the window that way. It's just pure wonder.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll