I Am Addicted

No, I'm not addicted to alcohol, but I'm beginning to have a serious consumption problem with the Hallmark network and its increased production of made-for-TV movies featuring former Full House star (and future star of Fuller House) Candace Cameron-Bure. I cannot stop watching these warm and fuzzy slices of pure sunshine for the life of me. I've even begun rewatching them off my DVR while popping bottles of Champagne and making cocktails to celebrate the ceremony. I've posted before about CCB's wonderful holiday-themed features (when I first referred to Candace as "CCB" my wife couldn't take me seriously for about a week), but it's now clear that Hallmark realizes they're sitting on a gold mine of unrealized feel-good potential, and has now increased Mrs. Cameron-Bure's involvement throughout the calendar year. Last month's premier of the new Aurora Teagarden investigative series, featuring CCB as a young, modern version of Angela Lansbury's Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, completely stole my heart. But the recent Mother's Day weekend release of Just The Way You Are really dialed it up a notch. It's another huge winner in what is slowly becoming an incredible hit streak of top-notch, cozy-couch comfort.

The newest incarnation of Candace Cameron-Bure is pure television gold. She's an ever-giving well of squeaky-clean morality with enough of an edge to make her relatable to hard-drinking hedonists like myself. Her characters have problems just like the rest of us, but unlike the recent work of her preachy and over-bearing older brother, CCB draws you in with an aura of instant kindness that never feels judgmental or marketed towards a higher message. Her new Hallmark films are the visual equivalent of drinking hot cocoa by a log fire in a wooden cabin on a cold winter's night. I'd wager to say they're even more homey and satisfying than most episodes of the Gilmore Girls. She's found her niche in the television business and the Hallmark network is exploiting that incredible talent at the expense of my personal free time. In no way am I enjoying CCB's films in an ironic or sarcastic manner. My enthusiasm for her work is based on a serious connoisseurship for her talent. I am so pumped up for Fuller House at this point because I now have complete faith that it's actually going to live up to our highest expectations. With Candace as the focus, I just don't see how it can fail.

Of course, it goes without saying that drinking while watching Hallmark's lineup of Candace Cameron-Bure films is highly, highly advised. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll