It Used To Be Really Cool: Scenes From St. Elmo's Fire

Oh, brat pack; where have you gone? In 1984, Ally Sheedy and Demi Moore were on top of the world, drinking Absolut Vodka straight, no chaser, feeding the fire of St. Elmo's in their yuppie guts. Today? No self-respecting hipster under the age of thirty would dare break out of bottle of vodka for cocktail hour. It's funny how things change, right?

When her buddy Andrew McCarthy comes over late night, Demi breaks out the vodka once again—along with a pack of Pall Malls and a wall mural that looks straight out of an old Vidal Sassoon ad. 

Yes, that's right my friends—whisky was an old man's drink back in the mid-1980s and vodka was the hip choice of a new generation. My how times have changed (and how they'll probably change again). I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky. I'll be where the eagle's flyin' higher and higher. I can climb the highest mountain, cross the wildest sea. I can feel St. Elmo's fire burning in me. It's either that, or the glass of Absolut Elyx I just downed while watching a sweaty Rob Lowe play the cheesiest sax solo of all time. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll