Oaxaca 2015: Day 2 – ...Y a la Mañana

Respect your car. In fact, have some respect for cars—period. There's a lot of business that can be done in Mexico via the coche and there's no better example of that than morning time in Oaxaca.

Taxi drivers and businessmen in a hurry often don't have time to find a parking spot, feed the meter, and sit down for a bite to eat. They need food on the go, and Oaxaca has plenty of street vendors who can cater to their every need. All they need to do is stop a little longer at each intersection.

The vendors can come to your car, or you can come to theirs. This guy serves tacos right out of his trunk, along with aguas frescas from the backseat. Did I engage, you ask?

Fuck yeah, I did! The morning communters were pulling up next to his ride as he handed them their tacos through the window. Pretty efficient, if you ask me! I had to get in on the action, so I went for the nopales and the huevos.

Meanwhile, no lines at the tortilleria. It's all about cars, man.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll