Oaxaca 2015: Day 4 – Around the Town

It's morning again in Oaxaca. Let's take a little walk around the city center, shall we?

Imagine hundreds of buildings that are as vibrant as this paper store, and you'll understand why people love the expressive colors of the Oaxacan colonial architecture.

All was calm in the Zocalo this morning. Folks were passing through to do errands or having a quiet coffee at one of the cafes surrounding the square. 

I was going to stop in this beautiful building and grab a bite to eat, but it wasn't open yet. Because of all the colonial-style buildings in Oaxaca, most of these places have inner courtyards where you can sit peacefully and enjoy the serenity of the small gardens within them.

Parents were walking their kids to school. Just like any other Wednesday, anywhere else in the world.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll