Singani Basics

I've been getting a lot of emails lately—and for good reason—about the Singani 63. Namely: what in the hell do I do with this stuff? As one reader wrote:

David—I saw the Soderbergh party in LA, it looked awesome, everyone seems to be enjoying this stuff, so I bought a bottle, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Don't worry! If you're not on the same track as our Academy Award-winning director friend (drinking Singani straight on the rocks), then an amazing cocktail is just a few simple steps away. Personally, I have many intriguing Singani recipes I've developed over the last six months (email me if you want more suggestions), but one stands far and away above the rest.'s so easy to make that there's almost a 0% chance that you'll mess it up. It's a spin on an Aviation, which is fitting because there's a floral element to Singani that mimics that little dash of Creme de Violette you sometimes add to the famed cocktail. All you need is:

1 bottle of Singani 63

1 bottle of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur

1 lemon


(simple syrup optional)

Pour 1 and 1/2 oz. of Singani into your shaker. Add 1/2 oz. of Luxardo Maraschino and 1/2 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add ice. Shake and strain (I double strain through a fine mesh to get those little ice chips out).

And voila! There it is! A cocktail so freaking delicious you'll likely slurp it down in under a minute. I made one just a few minutes ago, took a picture, and then pretty much downed it in one sip. I could honestly drink this every single day and never get tired of it.

Seriously. We're not just kissing Soderbergh's ass when we say that Singani 63 is one of the most easy-to-like products in the store. It's the ketchup of the bar: you can put it in almost anything and it's going to taste good. Try it for yourself and be your own judge. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll