Stiggin's Fancy

When I first had requests from customers to order this new "Stiggin's Fancy" pineapple rum, I thought I was dealing with some super-sweet, tropical-flavored, artificial slop that some big brand had whipped up for a blender bonanza. You put the words "pineapple" and "rum" together and I start shuddering just from thinking of the potential hangover. However, we were getting literally hundreds of requests, so I knew something was up.  It wasn't until I finally did a Google search that I realized this was a David Wondrich project with a serious nod to the classic cocktails of the Dickensian era (see the New York Times article here). Packaged in a beautiful bottle and made with complete restraint, the Ferrand family has really upped their game in Tiki Town as of late. First, they delivered the fantastic dry Curacao that all we orange liqueur fanatics have been begging for. Now, another quality-oriented creation that uses a pineapple bark infusion to add just the right amount of flavor.

In classic Wondrich fashion, the complete story is on the label. As far as what to do with it: the world is your oyster! Mai Tais, Piña Coladas, rum and coke, rum on the rocks, rum straight out of the bottle and into your mouth—however you like it!

We've gotcha covered:

Plantation "Stiggin's Fancy" Pineapple Dark Rum $29.99 - With a nod to Charles Dickens, the folks at Ferrand teamed up with renowned cocktail historian David Wondrich to create a serious pineapple rum that focuses completely on flavor, rather than sweetness. Made by infusing the flesh of pineapples in the standard Plantation Dark Rum. Then, seeking more aromatics, Ferrand distilled the pineapple rind with the classic white rum, then blended the two and matured them for an extra period in barrel. The result is something completely unexpected and absolutely delicious. Not at all sweet, goopy, or in the vein of Malibu Maui. This is a resurrected piece of history that should make your cocktail mixing that much better.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll