Trés Mezcales Nuevos

We have limited supplies of three dynamite new mezcales—two from Germain-Robin’s Mezcalero series and one new release from Anchor’s Mezcal Amaras. I bought one of each for myself—that’s how much I liked all of them.

Mezcalero Release #13 Tobala y Tepeztate Mezcal $69.99 - From the village of San Luis Del Rio in Tlacolula, this exception mezcal is limited production like all the mezcalero bottlings. Only 642 bottles were produced by Distiller Don Luis Cruz at his small palenque in the famous mezcal producing town. This exceptionally high quality single batch is a blend of rare wild agaves Tobala & Tepeztate. Expect powerful fruit and spice flavors with a smoldering mesquite smoke bringing up the rear. Ultra smooth and textural thanks to nearly a year of resting in ceramic tanks.

Mezcal Amaras Cupreata $54.99 - Made from Cupreata agave sourced outside of Oaxaca in the Mexican states of Mazatlan and Guerrero, the newest release from Amaras is absolutely stunning. Potent roasted flavors intermingle with spicy notes of pepper before settling into a pure and clean finish with subtle smoke and clove. A stunning mezcal that truly shows there's a long future for the spirit outside of the traditional Oaxacan zone.

Mezcalero Special Release #1 Mezcal $129.99 - The Special Release from Mezcalero represents the best of the best from Ansley Cole's extensive travels in Oaxaca. It will never be reproduced and likely never matched. Distilled in September 2013 by Alberto Ortiz (Don Beto) from semi-wild madrecuishe (agave karwinskii) harvested from a south-facing hillside of rocky calciferous soil at 5400 feet elevation, wood-roasted in a stone palenque, mallet-crushed, fermented with wild yeasts, double distilled using artisan methods in a 200-liter copper pot still.  Exceptional flavor and complexity thanks to the southern exposure, wild yeasts and hand-milled agave. Madrecuishe’s long stems allows for ambient heat absorbtion rather than reflected heat from sun-baked soil, resulting in a slower maturation and an even more complex flavor profile than Cuixe from other growing sites. These qualities and the magical hands of a master distiller are what make this one of the most special mezcal you'll ever come across.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll