Canada's Latest Export

Despite all the high-quality Canadian whisky being sent south of the border these days, most of my customers haven't caught the bug. They're too focused on snatching up the limited American whiskies and special edition single malts we have coming in each week. But if you're in need of some white goods, let me introduce you to our latest Canadian producer—one that I think should make quite a splash here at K&L. Located along Lake Ontario, in between Buffalo and Hamilton, Dillon's is a small distillery run by father-and-son team Geoff and Peter Dillon. Peter studied chemistry at the University of Toronto, and his son Geoff majored in biology at the University of Western Ontario. They've founded a new distillery in the Niagara region due to its close proximity to fruit, herbs, and a bustling local wine trade. I tried their gins, vodka, and rose liqueur last week and immediately placed an order. They're simply outstanding.

The Method 95 vodka is distilled three times from a 100% grape base. It's incredibly textural while remaining as fresh as a sip of spring water. It's not often I'm taken aback by a new vodka, but I wasn't alone. Most of the staff members who tasted last week came out of the bar talking vodka over gin. That's not to sell the gins short, however, because the Unfiltered 22 gin is incredible. It's so delicate and—again—incredibly textural. It has body, but the clean botanicals lend it an air of grace. It's refined and beautiful, very much in the same way the Berry Bros. No. 3 gin is. I was really impressed. Then there's the Rose Gin Liqueur: a gin that's been macerated with rose hips and petals for one month, then sweetened and proofed down to 30% ABV. I'd say just the liqueur with a bit of tonic water could be my late summer drink de jour. 

I plan on spending a lot of time with these three bottles over the next few weeks. They're definitely worth your time, as well.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll