New Faultline Releases Getting Closer

I spent this better part of this afternoon over in Alameda at the St. George distillery working with Dave Smith on our forthcoming trio of Faultline releases. Ever since word broke out that Jaime Hernandez would be designing the labels and that Frontier Records would be printing limited edition vinyl to accompany each bottle, people have been freaking out. During our interview last week even Magicians author Lev Grossman geeked out completely when he saw that Jaime had been involved with us on a secret project. The excitement is completely palpable at this point. We've got the design of the media completely under control, but today it was time to start fine-tuning the actual spirits.

Dave and I hit the lab hard today, mixing all kinds of different distillates together before making notes as to what we liked and what we didn't. The absinthe is pretty much done, as is the Bourbon. It's the gin that still needs to be tweaked just a bit. I can tell you this, however: there will be some sort of raspberry component.

We're getting closer! October seems realistic at this point.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll