Brandyfest 2015

It's on!!

Once again, we'll be taking over the Bar Agricole patio for some serious brandy action; because—if you didn't know—brandy is where it's at. You can fawn over those $150 ten year old Bourbons all you want. I'll be drinking 40 year old brandies in the warm San Francisco evening while I gorge myself on Bar Agricole's tasty appetizers and snacks. Oh....and it's not just us this year. It's a number of other California producers, as well as our Italian friends at Villa Zarri. You know you wanna go. In fact, can you really afford not to go? It's also the 5 year anniversary of Bar Agricole, so it's more than just a celebration of brandy. It's a celebration of drinking, and drinking well.

I'll be there pouring as usual, but I won't be alone this year. Tickets available here

2015 Brandyfest @ Bar Agricole on August 18th, Tuesday, from 6 to 9 PM $60

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll