Aged 16 Years

I honestly cannot remember being more excited for the release of a new album than I was this week. When I learned that Dr. Dre had abandoned his long-awaited Detox project and secretly recorded an entirely new album called Compton: A Soundtrack, a flutter went through my heart and the physical excitement soon spread to the rest of my limbs. I don't think there are two albums in my collection that have received more play time throughout my life than The Chronic and The Chronic: 2001, so the fact that Dre and Snoop will once again take to the mic and produce something new has me feeling like a teenager again.  

Dre hasn't released a new album since 1999. It's been sixteen years. There's a been a lot heartbreak and success put into cask during that time, slowly maturing into what will likely be his final release. I'm incredibly excited to hear what he has to say about that, while I pop bottles, sit back, and reminisce on what was.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll