Le Vin

If no matter where I went in the United States I could get a $5 glass of delicious Sancerre blanc I would probably never order a cocktail again. Whether you're dining at the classiest Michelin-starred hot-spot, or the diviest tourist trap near the Eifel Tower, you're going to be able to get a reasonable glass of wine just about wherever you go in Paris. Today I had a pizza with a $4 glass of rosé de Gascogne. Then I had a plate of French fries and ham with a $6 glass of Chablis. Then I sprung for the half carafe of Pouilly-Fuissé with the roasted veggies and poulet. It doesn't matter where you go. The wine is cold, fresh, well-made, and cheap!

That's something I wish I could depend on in the states. I wish I could go get burgers and Bordeaux, or Chinese and riesling on a whim. Not some $5 overripe Gallo zinfandel, mind you, but a real glass of old school wine with restraint that's filled to the rim and costs under $10. That would be nice. I guess I'll have to simply enjoy it while it lasts.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll