New Limited Cointreau Expressions

The pride of Angers, France is expanding its repertoire state-side. Cointreau has decided to bring its limited edition expressions of Liqueur de Camomille and Guignolet and to the U.S. with gorgeous throwback labels and in the smaller 375ml size. I'm always surprised by how much Cointreau we sell here at K&L. We blow through about two cases a week just here in Redwood City, so I'm curious to see if that's because there's a local following for the brand, or if we just have a lot of Margarita parties happening nearby on a nightly basis. I've read that the master distiller for Cointreau—Bernadette Langlais—often finds inspiration from historic labels and classic cocktails, and these new liqueurs are perfect examples of that: classic French style and a pureness of flavor that we associate with the iconic brand.

Cointreau Liqueur de Camomille 375ml $26.99 - Soft and supple in mouthfeel with delicate hints of chamomile flowers and honey.

Cointreau Guignolet Liqueur 375ml $26.99 - Juicy red cherry flavor without any of the cloying sweetness that bogs down so many substitutes.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll