What's Cool?

Little known fact: Marlon Brando first checked all his whisky bottles to make sure they were non-chill-filtered and at cask strength. He also wouldn't touch anything that had artificial coloring because he wanted only natural and organic products.

Little known fact: Bono only drinks limited edition stouts or sour lambics aged in former whiskey casks for at least a year. He also obsessively uploads all his notes and photos to his beer blog Bono's Best Brews.

Little known fact: Audrey Hepburn only drank single-vineyard Champagne made from bio-dynamically-farmed grapes. She once drank a glass of Veuve Clicquot and famously spit it out because it wasn't "dry", demanding a substitute with zero dosage.

Little known fact: Jimmy Page and numerous other rock and roll legends stopped drinking Jack Daniels when they learned it wasn't grain-to-glass. Most began searching for the non-GMO sticker soon after. There's even a story about Zeppelin halting a show back in 1979 when Page learned the whiskey he was drinking that night was distilled in Indiana rather than the specified state of origin.

These are all true stories, of course. It's actually what made these people the icons they are—not their style, carefree manner, or individuality, but rather their incredible product knowledge and discerning palates. I wish I could be as cool as these folks. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll