Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

After watching the most recent episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at my co-worker Bryan's request, I had a tear in my eye. I have to admit: while I've seen the show before, I don't watch it regularly. When I sat down I wasn't sure if I would understand whatever context was necessary going in. "It doesn't matter," Bryan said. "You of all people have to watch this episode." 

So I did.

Then I about had a nostalgia meltdown. I sat on my couch in utter disbelief while watching the scene unfold. Then I did a search on this blog to see how many times I had previously mentioned Ski School in older posts. Maybe I had dropped my hand already? Indeed. There had been five mentions of Ski School over the years in reference to it being my all-time favorite movie. Could it be just a coincidence? I'm not sure.

Here's the deal: It's Always Sunny... is a witty sit-com on FX. It's a little more edgy and referential (in terms of pop culture) than your typical network presentation. The most recent episode is a spoof on Ski School, to the point that they not only use the original soundtrack from the movie, but also its original character played by the marvelous Dean Cameron. The plot is the same as the original film, just condensed into a half-hour and based in the present day. There's just one twist. Dean's iconic party character is not only older now, his name has been changed. He's now called David Drisko, but goes by Drisko for short—as do I at K&L (people tend to drop the double L for some reason). 

So not only do I get the amazing gift of a Ski School revival complete with original soundtrack and original cast member, I get the honor of having my all-time cinema hero use my name for the episode. Coincidence? Maybe (I know all you TV people shop at our Hollywood store!). But either way, I just want to say to everyone who works on that show: thank you from the bottom of my heart. That episode made my whole decade.

I really need to get Dean Cameron on this year's Drinking to Drink interview list.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll