New Year's Blitz

While we've been getting all the new Hepburn's Choice and Sovereign casks retail ready this week, two little additions to our 2015 Signatory haul just crept in the backdoor and—let me tell you—I'm not sure you'll find two better deals in 2016 (despite the fact we're only eight days in). Not only do we have a stunning twenty year old Caol Ila at a time when the Islay stalwart appears to be in short supply, we've got a second cask of nineteen year old, sherry-aged Glenlivet, except that this one came in at full proof. Signatory called me a few months back to let me know they had mistakenly put the juice in at 50.9%, which would normally have added an additional twenty bucks or so to the sticker price. Because we had asked for the cask at 46%, however, they agreed to honor the original price. In standard K&L fashion, we'll pass that savings along to you. We'll keep the price exactly the same as the last cask: $89.99! 

We've already sold about a quarter of the Caol Ila cask without any advertising or fanfare, so I wouldn't sleep on that baby. I don't expect it to stick around for long.

1995 Caol Ila 20 Year Old Signatory Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt whisky $139.99 - We've got three words for you in relation to our new 20 year old Caol Ila cask: BUY, BUY, BUY!!! Diageo has been sold out of the standard Caol Ila 12 year expression for the last year due to shortages of the peated Islay malt. Somehow, someway, however, we locked down an absolutely stunning 20 year hogshead at full proof for a price far less than what it should be. This isn't some rag tag cask either, but rather an absolutely glorious expression of everything that makes Caol Ila wonderful: a round, fruity, almost creamy mouthfeel of soft vanilla and oily richness, contrasted by an intense peatiness that injects a healthy dose of smoke into all that weight. At cask strength, there's extra pop to all that dynamism, but it never overpowers the flavor. This whisky needs no water, no dilution whatsoever in order to be enjoyed. Just pop and pour, and take in everything that makes Caol Ila one of Scotland's legendary whiskies—during a time when supplies happen to be scarcer than ever!

While we didn't think four percentage points justified the extra cost initially, we'll take it for the same price! It does add an extra punch to this sensual sherry-saturated malt.

1996 Glenlivet 19 Year Old Signatory Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky $89.99We've got another round of 19-year-old sherry-matured Glenlivet magic for you, but this time at cask strength! And the best news is: the price is still $89.99! Signatory actually made a mistake not proofing down the whisky to 46% ABV, but they were gracious enough to honor the same price given the mishap. That makes what was already a great deal an even better one! Dark sherry notes of fig, cake bread, baking spices, toffee, and cocoa swirl in a symphony of rich Oloroso flavor. That extra proof on the finish, however, makes all the difference and adds lift to an experience that would normally end with a soft whisper. Instead there's a quick zip of peppery goodness, sealing the deal on one of the best single-malt deals we've ever offered. A mistake, of course, but we're passing the savings on to you nonetheless! Cask-strength whiskies normally sell for an extra premium, but not in this case. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll