Soderbergh's Sneak Preview

I've spent a decent amount of time discussing brand strategies with director Steven Soderbergh over the past few years, but the only advice I've ever really had for him was obvious to anyone: "You're a filmmaker; a storyteller," I said to him once; "Go down to Bolivia, shoot some footage, and tell people the story." Like I needed to tell Steven Soderbergh that. Some advice, huh? Still, media plays a huge role in the way people choose their beverage. It's a powerful motivator. If you can effectively communicate with customers on a visual and emotional level (and on a large scale), you can really make an impact. In the case of Singani 63, Steven already has a great product. I'm a huge fan. After Campari, it's probably the number two most-purchased spirit on my bar (my wife has a lot to do with that as she also loves both). The fact that Steven is a master of media only works to his advantage. "You don't have to pay an ad company, or a film crew, or any of that extra promotional coverage stuff that most booze companies have to shell out for. You can do that all on your own," I added. And so he did.

Earlier this morning, Steven forwarded me his most recent cut of the new Singani short film. "I haven't even posted it on our webpage yet, but you can share it if you like," he wrote to me via email. Here's the link. See what you think. Does it make you thirsty? 

I know what I'm drinking tonight. Singani with ginger beer. Hot damn that sounds good right now.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll