Before I Leave...

While I was only visiting Kentucky for a brief day-and-a-half, I had to find time to hit up my favorite Bardstown liquor store (with a drive-thru, no less) and grab the two new Old Bardstown releases from Willett. We don't have these in California at the moment, so I was excited to get my hands on them. Willett began sending its self-distilled rye out to the West Coast within the last year, but the Bourbon remains on lock down in Kentucky. While we do indeed have the black-label Old Bardstown edition at K&L, that particular expression (like Noah's Mill, Rowan's Creek, and the rest of the original KBD portfolio) wasn't produced by Willett. These two new white-label Old Bardstown releases are 100% Willett distilled, however! Two fresh new specimen to add to the single barrel distillery bottling I snagged this past August.

They're also $23 and $25 a piece. So why does that shitty new two year old Bourbon from that micro-distillery over there cost eighty bucks? I don't know. And I don't care. I won't be buying that one.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll