The Busiest Day of the Year

Whereas in the past I might have stayed up late, drunk a bottle of Champagne, and eaten an entire pizza to kill the anxiety heading into the Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving madness, last night I did the opposite. I had one beer and a healthy dinner. I snuggled with my cat. I went to bed early. Then I woke up at 5:30, fed the cat, and headed over to the gym for a pre-dawn workout. I walked into the store this morning energized, confident, and ready. I feel great.

There's an ongoing debate about what the busiest day of the year is at K&L. Is it the day before Thanksgiving? Is it the weekend before Christmas? Or a random Saturday in December that we never saw coming? For me, there's no question. It's not about sales or the total volume of orders ultimately when assessing anarchy. It's about which day sees never-ending hoards of customers lining up in groups of fifteen or more, snaking around the import shelf all the way to the front door, waiting to ring up their Thanksgiving reserves for hours and hours and hours. There's no question about which day is the busiest at K&L, in my opinion. It's today. Today there will be chaos. Controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless. Whereas I may have dreaded that firestorm of holiday angst in years past, today I'm really looking forward to it. We have so much good stuff right now and I got here early to make sure the shelves were fully stocked. I'm ready for any question and any request. I've got ammunition.

Last minute deals are still popping up on the radar. As vendors look to make their holiday numbers, offers continue to fly into my inbox. I just snagged some of Hirsch Small Batch Reserve Bourbon for $24.99. That's an LDI-based blend that we normally sell for forty bucks. If you're looking for an alternative to our sold out Faultline edition, this is pretty much the same thing albeit at a lower proof. Another reduction was the Lot 40 rye whiskey, currently my favorite rye we carry. That came down to $29.99, a huge discount from where it was last at. I've also got my jewel rack stacked and ready to go; new editions of Lagavulin 25, Brora 38, and Talisker 25 are armed and loaded. The liqueur shelf is flossed out. The vermouth section is full and stocks are ample. We're ready. 

Let's open the doors and get started.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll