Two New C&K Apple Brandies

 Now that we've helped our friends at Copper & Kings break through in California, you can look forward to seeing their products beyond the K&L shelves. The distillery has signed on with Southern Wine & Spirits locally and plans to expand to bars, restaurants, and other retailers with its core trio of classic American brandy, Butchertown, and apple brandy. For the super limited stuff, however, you'll still have to deal with us! We just received our limited allocation of C&K's new apple brandies, each with their own unique twist due to cask enhancement. The "3 Marlenas" is a 375ml-sized rarity finished for two years in Tequila casks, lending a delicate spice to the fruit on the finish. The "Floodwall" is a rich, sherry-aged edition that tastes more like Glendronach with apple notes than pure apple brandy. Plus, we've got their delicious Butchertown sodas, to boot! Check it out:

Copper & Kings "Floodwall" Apple Brandy $42.99 - The new Floodwall release of the Copper & Kings apple brandy series may be the Louisville distillery's boldest move thus far. Using a heavy proportion of sherry cask maturation, the brandy takes on a heavy, Oloroso-filled single malt character more reminiscent of Glendronach or Macallan than Calvados. The finish, however, is where the pure and crisp apple flavor breaks free from the rich and textural Sherry element and comes shining through with finesse and classic character. This is fantastic crossover bottle for whisky drinkers who are curious about brandies, but not quite sure they want to give up their beloved Speyside flavor. It's the richness apple brandy we've ever tasted and it's a fantastic new addition to the C&K line-up.

Copper & Kings "3 Marlenas" Tequila-Aged Apple Brandy (375ml) $39.99 - Copper & Kings distillery in Louisville, Kentucky is doing some interesting things with brandy, especially when it comes to cask finishing. While their standard Floodwall edition uses Oloroso sherry casks, this limited edition "3 Marlenas" release is finished in Tequila barrels for two years before bottling. At five years of age the freshness of the apple is still the focus and its accented by a bit of citrus, baking spice, and pepper from the Tequila casks. Adorned with an absolutely beautiful label, this is a fun collectable for serious Applejack fans.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll