New French Brandy Arrivals

After watching our store get utterly decimated yesterday, I was about to give way to despair and succumb to the all-encompassing madness of the holiday season, but then I saw a lone figure in the distance. Suddenly, I had a feeling of hope. He was tall and handsome, carrying what looked to be a large box of supplies. An aura surrounded him and he seemed to bring light to where there was once only a growing darkness. Who was this heavenly figure coming to rescue us in our hour of need? Why, it was my friend Charles Neal who quickly swooped in to save our struggling French spirits shelf just when all was beginning to seem lost. Now instead of an empty and picked-over selection of leftovers, I've got a beaming, full, and exciting presentation of new Cognacs and Armagnacs from Raymond Ragnaud, Jacques Esteve, Baraillon, Ognoas, and Maouhum! We're fully stocked and ready for you today. I'm going in to work extra hours today and tomorrow, so come on by if you're interested in looking at these new arrivals. Weekends? Who needs time off in the middle of holiday shopping? Not me!

I've got the breakdown over at On the Trail this morning. I think all you whiskey drinkers will want to snatch up the 28 year old Baraillon folle blanche edition, ASAP.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll